90’s Stuff and Thangs Podcast Episode 1: POGS

Four Guys and a Comic Presents: 90's Stuff and Thangs Podcast

We want to welcome you to a new podcast from Alex and Matt that deals with the decade that we grew up in, the 1990's.
Tune in biweekly for a podcast over your favorite 90's fads, media, and pop culture.

POGS! Did your school ban them?

This week we have a special epsiode that deals with little cardboard circles that started a trend in the early 90's that swept the playgrounds at every school across the United States. We are talking about POGS. So, grab your slammers and sit back with a Surge because we are bringing you a 20 minute podcast that takes you back to the days of when you collected POGS.
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Special thanks to Zay La Vie for the music provided.

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